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Our vision for the Welsh Government Woodland Estate

We are working with the Welsh Government to make sure that your forests contribute as much as they can for people, our environment and economy

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The Welsh Government Woodland Estate is owned by Welsh Ministers and managed by Natural Resources Wales. It is a significant public asset capable of delivering a wide range of benefits to us all.

To make sure that your forests continue to work hard for people, our environment and economy, we are working with the Welsh Government to establish a clear role and purpose for the Welsh Government Woodland Estate fit for 2015 and beyond.

The Woodlands for Wales strategy

Our management of your forests will continue to be guided by the Welsh Government’s strategy for trees and woodlands, Woodlands for Wales. The 50 year vision expressed in this strategy is that:

“Wales will be known for its high-quality woodlands that enhance the landscape, are appropriate to local conditions and have a diverse mixture of species and habitats.”

We will continue to manage your forests to the principles of sustainable forest management (the foundation for delivery), contributing to the four strategic themes of Woodlands for Wales: responding to climate change, woodlands for people, a competitive and integrated forest sector and promoting environmental quality.

The importance of forest management

Your forests have a significant role to play in taking forward the Welsh Government’s new approach to the management of natural resources. With the emerging statutory framework of the Environment Bill and Well-Being of Future Generations Bill, the public forests of Wales will be a key part of this change. We are committed to managing your forests so that they play as big a part as possible in driving sustainable economic growth, improving quality of life and the resilience of our natural resources.

The work we are embarking upon is to make sure that your forests can contribute in the best way possible. It will build on a research project commissioned by the then Minister for Rural Affairs Elin Jones, looking at the role of the publicly owned woodland in delivering the Woodlands for Wales strategy. A summary of the main findings can be found via the links to the Welsh Government website.

Further information

You can find out more about Woodlands for Wales, its Action Plan and progress towards the outcomes sought by the strategy by following the links. More information will be made available as the project progresses.

If you would like to contact the Sustainable Forest Management Team in Natural Resources Wales you can send your enquiry to

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