Apply for a grant for your project

Find out what grants you can apply for.

What you'll need to tell us

You'll need to complete four parts of the form and upload documents. You can save it part-way through and continue it later.

Part A: About you

  • your name, address and organisation details
  • who we can contact and how

Part B: Your proposal

  • a summary of what you want to do and why (800 words maximum)
  • how much funding you're requesting from us
  • what evidence you used to develop your project
  • what you plan to do and when, what you hope to achieve and how you'll measure progress - this is your detailed project plan

Part C: Delivery and management 

  • who will be involved and why (800 words maximum)
  • how you'll manage the project and any risks (500 words maximum)
  • how you'll publicise your project (250 words maximum)
  • how people from diverse backgrounds and all abilities have the opportunity to take part in your project (250 words maximum)
  • how your project would promote the use of Welsh and encourage good bilingual practice (250 words maximum)

Part D: Funding

  • if you've had funding from us before
  • what funding you've had from other people or organisations

Documents you'll need to upload

  • Your project plan
  • A copy of any agreement you have with other organisations you plan to deliver the work with
  • A breakdown of your project costs
  • Your calculation of staff costs and time
  • A procurement policy, if you have one
  • Your subsidy control declaration, if applicable
  • If you have micro company accounts or your statutory accounts are more than 6 months old, we'll need your management accounts 
  • If you are a newly formed organisation of less than 6 months and do not have a set of accounts we'll need:
    • the last three months bank statements and bank reconciliation, or
    • a letter from their bank confirming you have opened an account
  • If you're applying as an individual we'll need:
    • a copy of your utility bill to confirm your address and
    • a certified copy of your passport or driver's licence
    • your last 3 months bank statements

After you apply

We'll let you know if your application is successful within four months of receiving a complete application.

If we need more information from you we'll be in touch.

If your application is successful we'll send you an award letter. It'll tell you how much we'll pay you and when.

If your application is unsuccessful, we'll let you know why.

Submitting progress reports

We'll ask you to send us regular reports throughout the project so that we can release the funding to you. We'll agree reporting periods with you based on your grant delivery plan.

This is for you to tell us about your project's performance and progress.

At the end of the project you'll need to send us a final report. 

We may also evaluate your project three years after it ends. This is for you to tell us how your project is delivering on longer term changes you may have told us about.

If you need help

Get in touch with us at any stage of your application if you feel lost or unsure what to do next.


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