Guidance on completing a job application form

Please take great care in completing the application form, the panel’s decision to shortlist you for interview will be based entirely on the information you provide.

Before you start your application

  • All our posts have a job summary and role description. Make sure you refer to them before you complete the application form.
  • We welcome applications in Welsh and English, applications made in Welsh will be treated no less favourably than applications made in English.
  • Unless you show clearly in your application how you meet all the job specific responsibilities listed, you may not be short-listed.
  • If there is not enough space on the application form for you to enter your information, please continue on a separate sheet clearly indicating the part of the form that the information relates to. 
  • All information provided by you will be kept strictly confidential.

Post applied for 

Please state clearly on the application form the title and post number of the job for which you are applying, details can be found on the Job Summary. If this is not stated your application may not be considered.  

Meeting our requirements

In order to help you plan what needs to be included in your application, the competencies in the job summary will help you to focus you on how to present your evidence, with the detailed requirements shown in the role description.

These also provide clear criteria  for the selection panel to assess suitability.

Please read the whole of the role description to ascertain at what level this information needs to be presented. Explain how you meet the requirements of the role, by providing the evidence using the Competencies shown in the job summary as headings. For clarity, they will be a number of the following:

  • Essential Knowledge and skills
  • Decision making autonomy
  • Communications and relationships with others
  • Responsibility for resources
  • Evaluation of information
  • Impact
  • Responsibility for people

The sort of evidence you should provide may include the following:

  • Examples from your current or previous job where you are required to demonstrate that level of competency
  • Where you undertake an out-of-work activity that requires you to demonstrate that level competency
  • Where your voluntary or charity work requires you to demonstrate that level of competency
  • Where you have undertaken training courses to train you to that level of  competency
  • Where you have an educational or professional qualification that shows you have achieved that level of competency
  • Where you belong to a society or professional body that shows you have achieved that level of competency

You can use your evidence more than once if it covers more than one requirement. You can draw on evidence from any source, not just the workplace if you can demonstrate clearly that it satisfies the requirement.

Try to give specific examples and avoid generalisations.

Driving Licence 

The possession of a full current UK/EU car driving licence is often a requirement for most NRW jobs. You will need to show your licence if you come for an interview. 

Communication skills in English and Welsh 

As a bilingual organisation we use both Welsh and English in our work. We are committed to providing a bilingual service in Welsh and English to the public. There are some jobs for which bilingual ability is essential, depending on the location and amount of contact with the public. The Job Summary will tell you the language requirement of the post you are applying for. 

Preferred language for interview 

As a bilingual organisation we use both Welsh and English in our work 

If you opt to be interviewed in Welsh, we will provide a bilingual interview panel. Part of the interview will be held in English so we can test your spoken English. 

If you opt to be interviewed in English for a post where Welsh language skills is essential, part of the interview will be in Welsh so we can test your spoken Welsh. 


Under the Equality Act 2010 we strive to make reasonable adjustments where a disabled person is substantially disadvantaged by either the working arrangements or the working environment. 

The responsibility to make reasonable adjustments will not apply unless we know that you have a disability. This is the section where you can let us know.

Disability confident employer logo

Disability Confident Employer Symbol

By using this symbol we have agreed that we will:

  • interview all disabled applicants who meet the minimum criteria for a job vacancy

Use this section if you wish to apply under this scheme. You are guaranteed an interview if you meet the minimum criteria agreed by the panel prior to the short listing.

How to return your application form

Please return or e-mail your completed application form to by the specified closing date, quoting the post number as a reference.

Acknowledgement of applications

We do not normally acknowledge receipt of applications, but you are welcome to phone the contact name on the Job Summary to check receipt of your application form beforehand if you are concerned.

Timescale for recruitment

We will notify all candidates short-listed for interview. This normally happens between one and four weeks after the closing date. If there are a large number of candidates for a job who score highly, you may not be called for interview even if you have demonstrated all the competencies on your application form.

Contact us

If you have any queries regarding your application or the recruitment process, please contact the recruitment team:


Post: Recruitment, Natural Resources Wales, Maes y Ffynnon, Ffordd Penrhos, Bangor, LL57 2DW

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