Assessment on permit application for new power station

Natural Resources Wales is assessing an application for an environmental permit to operate a new gas-fired power station in Pembrokeshire.

The application from South Hook CHP Limited will be fully assessed by specialist officers to check what impact it may have on the natural environment, wildlife and local people.

A thorough consultation has been launched seeking the expert views of other professional bodies, and Natural Resources Wales is also inviting people to have their say.

The consultation will run until 10 January 2014.

The proposed combined heat and power plant will be next to the existing South Hook Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal and will be able to generate up to 500Megawatts of electricity if it gets the go-ahead.

The electricity will be used to meet the LNG terminal’s energy needs as well as supplying homes and businesses via the national grid.

Most of the heat from the power station will be used by the LNG terminal to vaporise the liquid natural gas. Any excess heat will be released into the air.

There is no proposal for water cooling or abstraction of water from Milford Haven waterway.

Phill Pickersgill, from Natural Resources Wales, said:

“We are carrying out a thorough assessment of this application looking at any emissions from the proposed power station.

“We will look closely at the impact it will have and if this will cause any harm to the environment or people living nearby. We will only grant this permit if we are satisfied it will not have a significant impact.

“We urge people to go to our website to find where they can see the application in more detail and how they can respond to the consultation. We will look into all relevant comments and consider them when we make our final decision.”

As well as an environmental permit from Natural Resources Wales, the plant will need a development consent order from the Secretary of State for the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) before it can be built.

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