Bala flood gate refurbishment complete

Bala flood gates at the River Dee

People who live and work downstream of the River Dee now have better flood protection thanks to a Natural Resources Wales (NRW) project to refurbish the Bala flood gates.

Two flood gates have recently been re-installed into the river after being temporarily removed and taken off site for maintenance and repairs over the summer. The other two gates were successfully refurbished last year.

The flood gates are essential in helping NRW to regulate the flow of the River Dee and manage water levels to meet the needs of both people and wildlife in the area.

Installed back in the 1950’s, they have been showing signs of wear and tear. NRW’s flood risk mapping of the area showed that the effect of a flood in the area could be serious, so the project was prioritised this year.

During the maintenance works, temporary stop logs were installed to make sure that flood protection would not be compromised.

Andy Brown, Project Manager at Natural Resources Wales said:

“We know that flooding can be a terrible ordeal, and without the protection of these gates, thousands of people would be left vulnerable.

“The Dee is also an important river for salmon, sea trout and other wildlife, so it’s important that we manage the river levels carefully to meet their needs too.

“By taking the time to fully refurbish the gates now, they can continue to benefit local people and wildlife for many years to come.”

In total, the project cost £480k and has been funded by the Welsh Government.

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