Bala flood gates refurbished

Bala flood gates at the River Dee

Important flood gates in Bala which regulate the flow of the River Dee and reduce the risk of flooding to thousands of homes downstream are being refurbished by Natural Resources Wales (NRW).

This week, a large crane will begin to remove two of the flood gates.  They will then be taken off site for maintenance and repairs, before being re-installed in August.

While the gates are out of action, stop logs will be installed, allowing the remaining two gates to operate. These were successfully refurbished last year.

The work is required to maintain the level of flood protection in the area, and to allow NRW staff to successfully regulate water levels on the Dee for both people and wildlife.

The original gates were installed in the 1950’s, and have been showing signs of wear and tear.

Andy Brown, Project Manager at Natural Resources Wales said:

“It’s important that we are able manage the water levels in the River Dee, so we can protect homes from flooding, while making sure river levels are high enough to support fisheries, and wildlife.

“By staggering the refurbishment works, we’ve been able to continue to operate the system effectively without impacting on people or the environment.

“When we reinstall the gates in August, we will have a new system which can continue to meet the needs of the area for years to come.”

In total, the work will cost £480k and has been funded by the Welsh Government.

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