Consultation begins on NRW’s shooting proposals

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is asking people to comment on its proposals about shooting on its land.

The consultation follows a review that considered if firearms are used for the right reasons, in the right circumstances and in the most sustainable way possible.

The review also looked at how others use NRW-managed land, including some pheasant shoots, and took account of a large amount of information provided by stakeholders.

The consultation papers set out the evidence and possible alternatives before setting recommendations for the future.

The proposals are that NRW should:

  • continue to use firearms to manage the damage caused by wild animals on the land it manages where this is essential for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources
  • consider all applications for permission to enter onto its land to control wild animals affecting our neighbours land
  • consider leasing land for pheasant rearing and shooting and wildfowling where it doesn’t negatively impact on our sustainable management of the areas

Ceri Davies, NRW’s Director of Evidence, Policy and Permitting said:

“We want to make the most of the land we manage for the people, economy and environment in Wales.

“As a land manager, this means considering how best to make sure that we tackle the ongoing decline in our wildlife while conserving rare animals and habitats.

“We know that there will be differing opinions about shooting. This is why we want to be open and transparent about the evidence we’ve gathered and the decisions we’re making.”

The review was created due to implications from the new Environment (Wales) Act and following concerns raised by stakeholders. 

The consultation is open until 25 April. The consultation documents can be viewed at

After considering the consultation responses, NRW’s Board will agree its approach to future shooting on NRW land.

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