Flood report outlines options for St Asaph

Six long-term options are assessed in a report released today (25 March, 2014) into possible flood defence schemes in St Asaph.

The report, commissioned by Natural Resources Wales, analyses the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

These options have been tested using new flood modelling, which includes updated data from the 2012 floods, to see how they would stand up to a similar serious flood event.

The options include raising embankments through St Asaph, lowering embankments further downstream so floodwater can spill onto the flood plain, replacing the Spring Gardens bridge, removing more trees from the riverbank and creating an upstream flood storage area.

Flood specialists from Natural Resources Wales will now work with engineering consultants to conduct detailed studies and work out which option, or combination of options, would be most feasible for St Asaph.

A business case will then be put together and submitted to Welsh Government for funding.

Local people will also have an opportunity to have their say at drop-in sessions in the near future.

Keith Ivens, from Natural Resources Wales said:

“The flooding of 2012 brought misery to the lives of hundreds of people in St Asaph, and we are committed to finding a solution to reduce their risk of flooding in the future.

“Publishing the options is an important step forward. We now need to assess which of the options, individually or in combination, will work best for St Asaph and we welcome input from local people who know the area well to help us make this decision.

“As we’ve seen from the start of this year our weather is becoming more extreme, and although we can’t always prevent flooding from happening, we can reduce the chances of such a serious event happening again.”

The report follows serious flooding from the River Elwy, which affected hundreds of properties in November 2012 after record levels of rainfall.

In response to the flooding, Natural Resources Wales undertook a programme of short term works to remove trees and debris from a four mile stretch of the River Elwy as well as raising the flood banks behind Roe Park and altering the parapet fencing of Spring Gardens bridge so that it is less likely to cause blockage when the river is very high.

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