Heavy rain expected across Wales

Natural Resources Wales is asking people to be alert for flooding as heavy rain is expected to affect Wales overnight (Friday into Saturday morning 18 and 19/07/14).

Thunderstorms will bring localised torrential downpours across the country during Saturday morning with only the extreme west and north west of Wales likely to escape the heaviest bursts.

This could cause localised flooding of roads, and flooding from drains, ditches and small streams.

There is also a risk that that localised torrential downpours could cause smaller, faster responding urban rivers to rise.

Natural Resources Wales will issue Flood Alerts and Warnings if rivers reach trigger levels.

At this stage given the rainfall forecasts, Natural Resources Wales does not expect large slower responding rivers in Wales to be affected.

People travelling tomorrow are advised to take extra care and allow extra time for their journey as driving conditions may be hazardous.

Natural Resources Wales is advising people to keep an eye on weather reports and local news for details of any disruption in their area.

Organisers of outdoor events are also advised to check the Met Office website for the most up-to-date forecasts.

Flood alerts and flood warnings are updated on the Natural Resources Wales website every 15 minutes.

Information and updates are also available via Natural Resources Wales's twitter account: @natreswales

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