Natural Resources Wales acts to minimise dust pollution

The causes of the dust pollution which affected Port Talbot last summer have been fully addressed by Tata Steel.

Natural Resources Wales has reviewed both Tata's responses to an enforcement notice aimed at reducing pollution from the steelworks and can confirm that the company has not only complied with the requirements of the notice but has also made additional improvements.

Following complaints from Port Talbot residents in July 2013, Natural Resources Wales launched an investigation with Tata to pinpoint the source of dust releases. This identified the sinter plant and blast furnace stock houses where raw materials are kept and moved into storage silos as the main source of the dust.

The enforcement notice required Tata to make a number of improvements to ensure that releases of dust generated by the movement and handling of raw materials were kept to a minimum.  Tata have also changed operations at its sinter plant.

Paul Gibson, Natural Resources Wales said:

"By issuing this notice we have ensured the impact of dust pollution has been reduced for the people of Port Talbot.

"We also recognise and commend the additional measures the company has put in place to minimise dust releases from the steelworks and believe this investment highlights Tata's commitment to reduce dust emissions and develop further environmental improvements.

"We will continue to ensure companies are complying with the conditions of their permits and their activities are not affecting the quality of life for local people."

Natural Resources Wales will be writing to those residents who reported the dust pollution to provide further details of the action taken and what happens next. Our compliance assessment and follow-up inspection findings will also be placed on our Public Register.

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