New flood defence reduces risk at Dol-y-bont

People living in the village of Dol-y-bont in Ceredigion now have better flood protection thanks to a new flood defence scheme which is benefitting nearly 20 properties.

The new scheme, delivered by Natural Resources Wales, will also improve flood protection for the nearby Mill House Caravan Park.

Both the caravan park and many homes in the village were affected by the serious flooding which caused widespread damage across Ceredigion in June 2012.

The scheme has involved constructing a new flood wall downstream of the bridge in the village, and raising the existing embankment upstream of the bridge by an average of 450mm.

The new flood wall has been clad in stone to fit in with the original style of the village, while the bank upstream has been raised and reinforced to provide a higher standard of flood protection.

Keith Ivens, flood risk manager at Natural Resources Wales said:

“The memories of the devastating flooding of June 2012 remains fresh in the minds of the many people in Dol-y-Bont whose lives were affected.

“Since the flooding, we’ve worked closely with local people to help develop a community flood plan for the village, outlining roles for volunteers to take on during a flood to help the village to respond quickly and efficiently.

“We’re also hoping to launch a new flood warning service for the River Leri this autumn which will provide people with advance warning of flooding when river levels are rising quickly.

“We can’t prevent all flooding from happening, but hopefully this new scheme will go a long way in reassuring people in the area.”

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