New osprey family for Wales

A new pair of ospreys has joined one of Wales' most exclusive clubs by producing two chicks at a site in Powys.

The chicks hatched last week on the Natural Resources Wales managed Welsh Government woodland estate site.

Natural Resources Wales staff and local birdwatchers, who are monitoring the nest, said they have seen two chicks popping their heads up to be fed.

Steve Cresswell, Forest District Manager, Natural Resources Wales said:

"We first spotted two birds at the nesting site in mid April and the first egg was laid two weeks later. We're not sure where the birds have come from as they aren't ringed and we believe this is likely to be the pair's first breeding attempt in Wales.

"There were some concerns over the safety of the eggs when two additional young ospreys showed up last month and tried to take over the nest but the parents held their ground and we were delighted when the chicks hatched."

This is only the third pair of breeding ospreys in Wales along with a pair in the Glaslyn Valley, near Porthmadog and another in the Dyfi Valley, near Machynlleth.

The Dyfi pair, Monty and Glesni, also became parents at the weekend when one of their two eggs hatched.

Steve added:

"We have worked hard to ensure the habitat is suitable for all species including ospreys. This involves careful management of the environment and water quality and our efforts have been rewarded by the new arrivals. We also erected nesting platforms to make the site more attractive to ospreys."

The exact location of the nest has not be revealed in order to protect the chicks and give them the best chance of survival.

To see ospreys and their chicks in Wales a visit to the Dyfi Osprey Project at the Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve, near Machynlleth, which has an excellent new observatory, is recommended.

For more information visit dyfi osprey project.

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