NRW calls for information after pollution kills fish

dead fish from pollution incident

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is investigating a pollution incident which has killed a number of fish on a stretch of the river Ebbw at Pilgrim’s Park, in Blaina, Blaenau Gwent.

NRW officers attended the scene yesterday (27 June) following the report and confirmed the river had was a ‘milky’ colour.

Officers have not yet been able to find the source of the pollution and are asking the public for any information they have that could help.

The officers returned to the site today (28 June) to continue their investigation and found the stretch of river was running clear but there were over 50 dead fish of varying sizes in the river.

Susan Fitzpatrick, Natural Resource Management Team Leader for NRW, said:

“Keeping our rivers healthy for people to use and enjoy is so important to our wellbeing and our economy, so it’s important to deal with pollution as quickly as possible.

“We’ve taken water samples to try and identify the pollutant, which at present is not believed to be sewage-related but have not found the source so we are asking for information that might help.

“We have also sent a biologist to check the impact on bug life to determine the full extent and impact of the pollution.

“If we find the source we will make sure no further pollution is happening and will take enforcement action against those responsible if appropriate.”

If anyone has any information which might help in determining the source of this pollution, please call Natural Resources Wales immediately on their 24 hour incident line 0300 065 3000.

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