NRW publishes Annual Report into Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water’s performance

Today, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) publishes a report which rates Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water (Dŵr Cymru) on a range of seven measures,used across the water industry in England and Wale.

Dŵr Cymru dropped from a ‘good’ 3* company rating to a 2* rating which means it is a company ‘requiring improvements’.

The report explains that this deterioration in overall performance is due to Dŵr Cymru performing below target on the permit compliance measure.

This is because a small percentage of water and sewage treatment works failed to meet the numeric water quality limits set in their NRW permits.

Dŵr Cymru performed better than target on three measures and just below targeton a further three.

Natalie Hall NRW’s Water Manager said:

“As a regulator, we look to ensure that those we regulate are equipped to do the right thing.

“We are working with the company to address areas of poor performance in 2017 as well as encouraging the company to highlight best practice and push for higher environmental performance

“By 2020, we would like to see Dŵr Cymru as an industry leading company delivering high standards for the environment and ensuring protection of natural resources for future generations”

On a positive note, the report showed that: 

  • There has only been one serious (Category 2) sewage pollution incident in 2017 and there have been none in the most serious category (Category 1) sewage-related incidents since 2011. This has taken significant effort and reflects above average sector performance
  • The number of minor (Category 3) sewage-related pollution incidents dropped from 107 in 2016 to 102 in 2017. This is a record low and demonstrates that measures Dŵr Cymru is taking to identify the root cause and taking steps to stop potential pollution incidents escalating is working
  • Dŵr Cymru’s leakage figure for 2016/17 was 175 Megalitres per day which is better than their target of 177 Megalitres per day
  • 100% of planned improvements to Dŵr Cymru’s assets in 2016 /2017 were completed on time. These improvements will mean assets achieve higher standards and deliver water quality improvements 

For more detail on all the measures visit for Dŵr Cymru’s annual environmental performance report.

NRW also provides environmental performance data on Severn Trent Water to the Environment Agency for sites in Wales. For more information on Severn Trent Water and a full sector overview visit

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