NRW responds to pollution incident

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is investigating a major pollution incident which is thought to have killed a significant number of fish in the River Clywedog near Wrexham.

Officers from NRW were on site last night (Tuesday 4 September) and this morning (Wednesday 5 September) to carry out an investigation into the source.   

A stretch of about 9km of the river has been affected leading to a significant loss of fish within the Clywedog.

Anthony Randles, Natural Resource Management Team Leader from NRW, said: 

“Protecting Wales’ rivers and the wildlife that relies on them is one of the most important jobs that we do, so it’s important to deal with pollution incidents as quickly as possible.

“The pollutant has had a significant effect on fish and river life.

“Our officers remain on site to collect water samples for analysis and to assess the impact on the environment and wildlife. We will continue to investigate how this pollution happened and will take appropriate enforcement action if necessary.”

If you see any incidents of pollution or fish in distress please report it to our incident hot line on 0300 065 3000.

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