NRW supervises the decommissioning of GEHC site

Natural Resources Wales is taking action to make sure part of a site that produced radioactive material for the health industry is demolished safely.

The site, GE Healthcare Limited (GEHC) in Maynard Centre, Cardiff, produced low level radioactive materials to be used in the medical industry. This activity stopped in 2010 but the site still had to deal with radioactive waste that was left over. 

The radioactive waste has now been removed from the site and GEHC are planning the final demolition and clearance of their old storage buildings. 

GEHC currently have an environmental permit that allows them to manage and dispose of this waste. 

Holly Noble, Permitting Team Leader for Natural Resources Wales said: 

“We will continue to monitor the decommissioning closely with our regulatory partners and ensure the site is free of contamination. 

 “This involves overseeing the demolition work to ensure that the risk of any contamination being released is minimised and does not pose a risk to people or the environment.” 

“The management and disposal of the waste will be completed under strict conditions and we will only allow the permit to be surrendered when we are satisfied the work has been completed without contaminating the area.” 

Once decommissioning is complete GEHC will apply to NRW to surrender its environmental permit and to the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) to surrender its nuclear site licence.   

The decommissioning work is due to be completed by September 2019 with an expectation that the environmental permit will be surrendered in early 2020.

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