NRW suspends Pembrokeshire waste permit

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has partially suspended a permit for a waste processing facility in Pembroke Dock after the operator has failed to demonstrate it can conduct its business without a risk of serious pollution.

This means that the company will still be able to process waste on the site, but will not legally be able to store processed waste. 

In August 2016, NRW served an enforcement notice on Sundorne Products (Llanidloes) Limited following an investigation into odour and flies at the site.

This followed numerous complaints from local people and management from the nearby South Pembrokeshire Hospital. 

The notice confirmed that the company had breached the conditions of its environmental permit, and required them to take measures to improve its waste operation to reduce the impact of odour and flies. 

In October 2016, Sundorne Products (Llanidloes) Limited appealed the notice, but more recently, in February 2017, dropped their appeal. 

The site continues to be closely monitored by NRW officers, but a lack of action by the operator to make the necessary improvements has led to a partial suspension of the permit. 

Andrea Winterton, Operations Manager for NRW said: 

“We have tried to work with the operator, providing advice and guidance on these issues, and have given them numerous opportunities to address the problems. 

“However, conditions of the permit are still not being met, so we are left with no choice but to partially suspend the permit to safeguard the local community and the environment.” 

The company deals with local authority household waste which is processed, baled and exported to mainland Europe for use in energy from waste plants.

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