Permit applications withdrawn for Llanberis scheme

A company planning a hydro power scheme in North Wales has withdrawn its application for environmental permits it needs to go ahead with its plans.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has confirmed that Snowdonia Pumped Hydro has withdrawn its applications for discharge permits for its scheme in Glyn Rhonwy near Llanberis.

Without these permits from NRW the scheme cannot be built or operated.

NRW says the company has not provided enough information about its day to day operation and management of the scheme and there is insufficient technical information.

Dylan Williams, Operations Manager for NRW, said: “Llyn Padarn is a vitally important natural asset for the area. It’s important for the local economy, for wildlife and for people.

“We only issue an environmental permit if we are wholly satisfied that a company’s plans prove it will operate safely, without harming the environment or local communities.

“However, the applicant has not provided us with enough information to be able to make that decision and has withdrawn its applications.

“If the applications were to be decided on the basis of the information provided, they would have been refused.”

Snowdonia Pumped Hydro must now consider whether to resubmit the applications in greater detail.

Environmental permits are separate from the planning process, which is managed by Gwynedd Council and the Planning Inspectorate.

To operate this kind of facility legally, a company needs environmental permits as well as planning permission.

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