Permit issued for Margam Green Energy Plant

Natural Resources Wales has granted an environmental permit to Margam Green Energy Ltd to allow them to operate a new waste wood incinerator which will generate electricity to feed into the National Grid.

It contains strict conditions under which the facility will have to operate in order to protect the environment and nearby communities.

The facility will use pre-chipped waste wood sourced from commercial, industrial, construction and demolition waste as a fuel and will generate approximately 41.8MW of electricity – enough to supply around 65,000 homes.  

It has also been designed with the potential to export up to 9MWth of heat to nearby industrial sites and other users.

It is yet to be constructed but will be located adjacent to an existing wood-fired power station in Margam, Port Talbot.

Phill Pickersgill, from Natural Resources Wales said:

“Before making a decision we carried out a thorough assessment of the proposed activity at the facility and consulted with specialist organisations such as the local health board."

“We will only issue an environmental permit to a company if we are satisfied that it can operate safely, without impacting on the environment or local people."

“The permit we have issued contains strict conditions on the type of wood that can be burned and on the emissions which can be released, as well as conditions to ensure that the local community are not affected by noise and odour from the plant."

“Once the plant is operational, our officers will regulate it closely to make sure it operates within the conditions placed in the permit.”

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