Ruthin flood warning system goes live

As the anniversary of the devastating Vale of Clwyd flooding looms, a new flood warning service for people living on the Glasdir estate in Ruthin goes live today (30 October, 2013).

This means that people can now receive an automated message from Natural Resources Wales to give them advance warning of potential flooding.

More than 120 properties on the estate will be able to receive the warnings, and Natural Resources Wales is encouraging local people to call Floodline on 0345 988 1188 to sign up today.

In addition to this, a further 16 properties at Lower Denbigh Road, St Asaph will also benefit from a new service.

When they register, people will be able to choose how they want to receive a warning – by landline, mobile, text or email – and also register additional numbers to receive warnings.

The new warning service has been made available after Natural Resources Wales conducted new flood modelling of the river following last year’s flood.

It comes as residents from the Glasdir estate put the finishing touches to a community flood plan, which has been developed by volunteers in conjunction with Natural Resources Wales’ flood awareness officers and Denbighshire County Council.

Volunteers from the estate have used their first-hand experience of flooding to create a plan which will help them to respond more efficiently and reduce the impact of a flood on their homes.

The flood plan holds vital information to support both the community and the emergency services during a flood – such as important contact numbers, details of vulnerable people on the estate who may need assistance, and evacuation points.

It is supported by 14 volunteer flood wardens, who will continue to act as ‘eyes and ears’ on the ground and link between the community, Natural Resources Wales and the emergency services during a flood.

Tim Jones, from Natural Resources Wales said:

“People on the Glasdir Estate experienced a terrible ordeal last year when their homes flooded, and we hope that the actions we’ve taken will mean that they are now better prepared should the area be at risk again.  

“The community has really pulled together to make their flood plan as robust as possible, and the addition of a new flood warning system for the area will give residents valuable time to prepare, and put their plan into action should they need to.

“We cannot prevent all flooding from happening, but we’ll continue to work with communities affected by flooding to make sure that if a flood does happen, they are ready to respond.”

Andrew Lewis, flood warden for Glasdir, said:

“The events of November 2012 can not and will not be forgotten about easily. The devastation that was caused to our properties many of which were brand new homes was unbelievable.

“That said residents throughout the last 12 months have been proactive in putting into place measures to minimise the potential risk of anything like this re-occurring.

“An early warning system will be a major step forward for our estate, and by working with Natural Resources Wales to develop a community flood plan we can make sure we arm ourselves as best we can against flooding in the future.”

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