Work to reduce flood risk in Rhyl

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has been carrying out important work on a north Wales seaside town’s flood defences.

A new penstock will play a vital part in keeping the tide out of low-lying areas of Rhyl.

Located at the Rhyl cut outfall into the Clwyd estuary, the penstock will give extra protection to the town, providing a back up to the existing tidal flap which can become blocked with debris.

The penstock will be operated manually by NRW staff during high-tides.

Keith Ivens, Flood Risk Manager, NRW said: “Keeping communities safe from flooding is a key part of our work.

“Constructing a new penstock at Rhyl sluice provides added support to the defence in reducing the risk of tidal flooding to areas of the town.

“The penstock will be lowered temporarily in an emergency and will then return to its open position.

“Whilst we can’t prevent all flooding from happening, we work to reduce the risks to people and their properties and hope this latest asset will provide peace of mind to people in Rhyl.”

NRW is also looking at the long-term implications of flooding in Rhyl, working with our partners to face future challenges such as sea level rise and climate change.

Anyone concerned about flooding can check their flood risk, and find out if a free flood warning service is available in their area by calling Floodline on 0345 988 1188 or by visiting

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