Wye Valley tree disease community events

Natural Resources Wales is inviting people to a community drop in event to find out more about the action it is taking to tackle Larch disease, or Phytophthora ramorum, in the Wye Valley.

Last year, the organisation felled approximately 80 hectares of infected Larch trees in the area, but recent surveys have identified approximately 300,000 newly infected Larch trees, covering 270 hectares of the forest.

In total, last year surveys identified approximately 1.2 million infected Larch trees, covering approximately 4,000 hectares of forestry in South Wales.

At the event, local people will also have the opportunity to feed in to the organisation’s future plans, covering issues such as recreation, landscape and the environment.

It will also be attended be key partners including Gwent Police, the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Gwent Wildlife Trust.

The drop in sessions will take place as follows:

  • Thursday 6th February, Narth Village Hall, Narth, 2:00 pm–7:00 pm
  • Friday 7th February, Narth Village Hall, Narth, 10:00 am–1:00 pm

Earlier this month, the Welsh Government announced a new strategy to manage the disease, which is thought to have affected approximately six million trees in Welsh Government-owned woodlands, managed by Natural Resources Wales.

Natural Resources Wales has committed £2.5 million to tackle the disease by felling infected areas and trialling a pioneering treatment to inject infected trees with a herbicide to prevent further spread.

Where infected trees are felled, it plans to replant new tree species to make future woodlands more diverse, more resilient to disease and more attractive places to visit.

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