NRW proposals for new controls on fishing for salmon and sea trout

We are aware that many fisheries organisations, fishery owners and individual anglers are considering what these measures might mean for them and so we have created a briefing setting out the current issues around the status of our salmon and sea trout stocks in Wales and the likely need in future for new controls on exploitation by both net and rod fisheries. 

This is both a complex and, for many, a contentious issue.  

The key point now is that, after careful consideration of our evidence and wishing to take full account of the views we have received, we are not proposing any changes to fishing controls in the 2017 season.  

However, we will be undertaking a formal consultation on proposals for future controls later this year.

In taking this decision we are urging all anglers to implement best-practice Catch and Release fishing for salmon during 2017.  

A good source of information and guidance for C&R methods, endorsed by NRW, can be found here:

Updated 15 February 2017

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