Outcome of the consultation and the way forward

We asked for people's view on the options to manage the flood risk in Dinas Powys and we've listened to what the community had to say - here's how we plan to move forward

Consultation responses

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in our consultation on the draft Outline Business Case to manage flood risk in Dinas Powys. We appreciate the time people have taken to read the information on flood risk and consider the options available.

We received almost 400 responses to the consultation, with the vast majority of responders being opposed to the upstream flood storage option on the Cadoxton River.  The majority also supports Save Dinas Powys Woods And Protect Homes From Flooding campaign group’s position, which is to improve monitoring of flows on the Cadoxton River, implement natural flood management measures and improve conveyance at Cardiff Road bridge to reduce flood risk. There is limited support for alternative options such as flood walls through the village.

The way forward

When we consider the marginal case for the upstream flood storage option alongside the consultation responses we have received, it is clear that to pursue this option would be very challenging.

Unfortunately there is no other way forward that would manage the flood risk for most homes and businesses in Dinas Powys whilst following government project appraisal guidance, particularly providing value for money. Therefore, we are unable justify any work in this catchment other than continuing with our current approach (the business as usual option) to managing flood risk in the village, including maintaining and clearing the river channel.

Exploring natural flood management

We recognise that this will be concerning to those at flood risk. However, consultation responses have shown a willingness amongst the community to work with us and other partners, potentially such as the Woodland Trust, Welsh Government, the Vale of Glamorgan Council, landowners and others, to further explore and develop natural flood management options in the Cadoxton catchment. Whilst such measure will not reduce flood risk to low for all of the community, they may provide some limited reduction in flood risk for some parts of the community.

We'll be exploring the potential to use funding recently announcement by the Welsh Government to promote natural flood management as an opportunity for Dinas Powys, and will engage further with the community and potential partners in coming months. We'll keep the community informed of how this progresses and welcome suggestions and involvement.

Please email dinas.powys@naturalresources.wales 

We will also publish the final Outline Business Case this summer (2020).