Ely Bridge Flood Risk Management Scheme

Tree catcher poles across the River Ely in Cardiff

The scheme

We’ve completed this scheme to reduce the risk of flooding to 490 properties in Ely and Fairwater.

Flood risk increases significantly when Cowbridge Road bridge (A48) over the River Ely is partially blocked with debris, particularly trees and other large objects. If the bridge is kept clear, more water is able to pass beneath and downstream, reducing the risk of flooding to the surrounding area.

We’ve constructed a ‘tree catcher’ to catch trees and other large floating debris safely before it can make its way down to the bridge. As water levels rise during a flood, debris trapped by the poles will float on the water surface, allowing water to pass beneath and continue downstream.

The scheme was completed in December 2021 and was funded by Welsh Government.

What does the ‘tree catcher’ involve?

  • Seven circular poles four metres apart in two staggered rows. This is to target large floating debris that would otherwise become trapped at the bridge.
  • Rocks have been placed around the poles to protect them from erosion. The riverbed remains at the same level.
  • A ramp and a processing area to allow us to remove the floating debris.
  • Fixed CCTV so we can monitor the structure.
  • Native species have been planted to screen the area and provide habitat for wildlife.


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