How our work might affect you

We are currently planning a project called Bont Evans Tree Works and Stabilisation (BETWS). This has been set up to safely fell an area of trees and stabilise the hillside along the A487 trunk road near Ceinws, to the north of Machynlleth

Impact on people

The location of the A487 trunk road immediately below the trees means we will need to use traffic management for some of the work.

In February 2018, traffic lights will be installed on the A470 near Bont Evans. The lights will be in place for around three months while our contractors install a catch fence - this fence will to stop debris falling onto the road when we begin felling the trees on the steep bank above.

Once this is in place, Dawnus can then move on to the next phase of work and start felling the trees above the road.

Felling on such a steep bank above the main road is high risk and further traffic management will need to be used. This includes stopping traffic in both directions for up to 10 minutes at a time when a tree is being cut or removed.

We are working with the North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency, Welsh Government Transport, and the emergency services to reduce the impact as much as possible.

Trails in Tan y Coed Woodland

In the interests of safety, we have had to close the Bryn Llwyd running trail. We have also closed the public footpath that runs southwards from Bont Evans into the high-ground within Tan-y-Coed forest, where felling works will be conducted.

Our other running and walking trails in Tan y Coed will stay open. If we do need to close or divert a trail unexpectedly, this will be clearly signposted on site and advertised on our website.

Impact on wildlife

We carried out some tree and vegetation clearance over the winter in preparation. Doing this in a planned and licensed way, outside of the active dormouse season, will help to reduce the impact of our work on dormice and other wildlife in the area.

Our Local Conservation and Heritage Officer will also be visiting the site regularly to carry out dormouse and raptor surveys. Making sure we are always following best practice to minimise the ecological impact of our work.