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How well are we doing?

Find information about how we report on our progress

As a delivery organisation, we need to be able to demonstrate how well we have performed, both individually and in conjunction with our partners, and whether people and communities are better off as a result.

Our conversations with our stakeholders and staff gave us clarity about what our customers want us to do, and what success will look like, and allowed us to develop a set of indicators to demonstrate our contribution to our shared outcomes with Welsh Government. Our Corporate Plan includes these high level indicators.

From our Business Plan, we have a set of performance measures to reflect our performance – how much we have done, how well we have done it, and what the results are.

The Corporate Plan with its corporate indicators, and Business Plan with it’s performance measures provide us with a performance report to monitor our work and its impact.

We will be open about reporting our delivery against our Corporate Plan and Business Plan. We will publish results in our Annual Report and our Board will publicly scrutinise performance at least three times a year.

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