What is diffuse water pollution?

As our control of regulated discharges has become increasingly effective, the significance of other sources of pollution has become more evident. These sources, known as diffuse pollution, typically consist of discharges or contamination that, while relatively minor individually, have a significant collective impact on water quality.

Strategic solutions

A significant amount of local work is already being carried out to tackle specific diffuse pollution issues.

Our Diffuse Water Pollution in Wales plan outlines the steps we intend to take to develop strategic solutions that will complement local delivery.

Our priority areas

Building on previous work between the Welsh Government and other organisations, we have identified eight areas in which to prioritise our efforts to tackle diffuse pollution.

These are as follows:

  • industrial estates
  • small sewage discharges (private)
  • drainage misconnections
  • surface water drainage from developed areas
  • livestock management
  • land management
  • storage (slurry, fuel, oils, chemicals)
  • mine waters
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