Wales's soil and its interaction with the climate determines how land can be used sustainably. Society puts pressures on soil and its supporting services (soil formation, nutrient cycling) through land use and by changing the environment.

Agriculture currently accounts for the largest land use area in Wales (around 80%), followed by forestry and woodlands (around 15%) and then built environment (human made). There is integration in use and type of land cover.

Land used for agriculture can occur on four different ecosystems:

Our assessment

Download the SoNaRR2020: Land use and soils chapter (PDF)

The chapter assesses the extent to which the sustainable management of natural resources are being achieved by considering the pressures and threats to soils within agriculture, woodland and urban land uses.

It also examines the ecosystem services provided and opportunities to manage land and soils more sustainably. This will support the response to the climate and nature emergencies and contribute to resilience and well-being.

The pressures, impacts and opportunities for action identified by the Land use and soils chapter can be found in the natural resource registers for the ecosystems.

The Land use and soils chapter's evidence needs are included in the overall evidence needs table.


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