Stocking and moving fish in Wales

Information for fisheries about getting a permit to introduce, supply or move fish

Fish stocking and cropping are important tools in managing your fishery, but if not done properly they can put your fishery at risk.

Site permits for fisheries – introducing and keeping fish

You must get a site permit before you introduce fish into your fishery or keep certain non-native fish. If you introduce fish without consent you can be prosecuted and fined up to £50,000.

Permits are free.

Applications normally take up to 10 days (and 20 days for more complex applications eg one relating to protected sites or non-native fish). Area fisheries officers will determine and issue site permits. They may apply conditions to the permits.

You may also have to get a fish health check if you want to stock fish in rivers, canals and lakes connected to open waters. The site produce guidance on fish health checks.

Before getting a site permit you may need to register your fishery with the Fish Health Inspectorate.

Supplier permits to supply fish

You will need a supplier permit if you supply or move fish between sites. This doesn’t apply to movements between fish farms or garden ponds.

To apply for a site permit or supplier permit please contact our Customer Care Centre on:

0300 065 3000 or at

Information you will need before you contact us:

  • your fishery’s registration number
  • contact details of the responsible person for the fishery (name, telephone, email)
  • a list of the fish species you are looking to keep or want to introduce

Further information and advice

Please contact us if you need help with your application or if you need general advice about fish stocking or fisheries management.