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Dynamic purchasing system

We operate a dynamic purchasing system (DPS) in order to procure a direct production harvesting service. This includes felling, processing and extraction of trees to roadside. These are set to a timber specification, to support roadside timber contracts.  

This is reactive work, as and when required, to ensure we meet our statutory duties and provide a harvesting service for the whole of Wales. 

Harvesting contracts

An individual harvesting contract represents one or more coupes within a geographical area, typically between 1,000 and 10,000 m3obs. 

The contract can be for:

  • Clear-fell or thinning, and cover all working methods including manual felling, harvester/forwarder, and wire rope systems.
  • It can also include mechanised mulching/vegetation management service ready to respond to the clearance of infections of smaller diameter trees (Phytophthora/Chalara/Dothistroma).  

A single contract may require a combination of working methods to complete the contract area.

Within required coupes, contractors need to plan harvesting operations and prepare a detailed Method Statement and Risk Assessment for all harvesting activities.

These need to be completed to the satisfaction of the Harvesting Contracts manager.

How to join the list of suppliers

You will need to complete the Pre-Qualification questionaire There is no limit to the number of suppliers that can be added, provided they have passed the pre-qualification stage. 

The Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) can be found on Bravo e tender Wales.

  • Project Title:  Direct Production Harvesting - Dynamic Purchasing System
  • Project Number: 42243
  • PQQ Ref: 32927 – Ongoing Joining Stage

Awarding contracts – Mini Tender award stage

We award individual contracts during the second ‘Mini Tender’ (award) stage. We will invite all suppliers on the dynamic purchasing system in that particular lot to bid for a specific contract.  

Suppliers will be expected to submit a bid including quality criteria and price per tonne for the coupe.

Lotting strategy

The DPS is split into three lots as shown below.  There is no limit to the number of lots suppliers may bid for.

  1. Direct Production Harvesting - north east and north west Wales
  2. Direct Production Harvesting - mid Wales
  3. Direct Production Harvesting - south west, south central and south east Wales

Dynamic purchasing system duration

The current DPS will run for an additional 2 years until 12 February 2026. Any further extension will be at our discretion.

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