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Regulatory Guidance Notes (RGN's)

A series of documents to help permit holders understand definitions and terms for the environmental permitting regulations

RGNs are guidance documents to help permit holders understand definitions and terms for the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR).

The documents listed below are available at the bottom of this page, except where stated.

RGN 1: Understanding the meaning of 'operator'
RGN 2: Understanding the meaning of regulated facility, plus Appendix 1,2, 3 and 4 (This document is published by the Environment Agency. The link below will take you this).
RGN 3: Deciding applications are duly made and requests for further information
RGN 4: Setting standards for environmental protection
RGN 5: Operator competence
RGN 6: Determinations involving sites of high public interest
RGN 8 Substantial changes involving solvents and combustion
RGN 9: Surrender
RGN 10: dealing with the death, financial difficulties or striking off of an operator
RGN 11: Enforcement powers
RGN 12: Statutory periodic permit reviews
Guidance: Waste recovery plans and permits
Understanding the Landfill Directive: LFD 1

Relevant offences

You must tell us in your application for an Environmental Permit for an Installation or a Waste Operation if you, or any other relevant person, have been convicted of a relevant offence. 

A list of relevant offences under the legislation is available from this link:

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