Buying and importing of radioactive sealed sources from other EU countries – Regulation 1493/93

Why do I need the form

If you want to buy a source from another country in the EU, the supplier in that country will need you to get for them a standard form stamped by NRW before they can send you the source.

Sales and transfers of radioactive sealed sources between EU countries are subject to a simple notification/declaration procedure under Council Regulation 1493/93. The form simply confirms that you are entitled to possess such a source. The form may cover one or more shipments and they last up to 3 years.

You can get a declaration form from the South East Industry and Waste team in NRW, which you complete and return to them - see address below. There are no charges for this.

Exempt sources

Some sealed sources are of such low activity that they are exempt, see Table 5 in Schedule 23 to the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010 (as amended in 2011). For example a cobalt-60 source less than 100 kBq is exempt.

Contact details

You can get the form from:

South East Industry and Waste team
Tel:  0300 065 3111