Apply to change an existing abstraction or impoundment licence

How to change an existing abstraction or impoundment licence

If you need to make a change to your water abstraction or impoundment licence after it has been issued, you will need to apply for a variation.

Types of change you can make

There are two types of variation you can apply for:

Minor change (administrative variation):

  • Change the name or address of the licence holder
  • Transfer the licence to someone else
  • Reduce the quantities you abstract
  • Split the licenced quantities you abstract between two or more persons (apportionment)
  • Death of a licence holder or bankruptcy (vesting)

Complex change (technical variation):

  • Increase the quantities you abstract
  • Change the location of the abstraction
  • Change the design / structure of an impoundment

Help to apply

If you need help or want to check issues before you send us a formal application, you can request pre-application advice.

How to apply to change a licence

For a technical variation of an abstraction licence:

For an administrative variation of an impoundment or abstraction licence download form WRF.

Download and complete the application forms for an administrative variation or technical variation using our application guidance notes to help you, we will not accept incomplete forms. You may need to send us information to support your application.

How much will it cost?

Application charge

Administrative variations are free of charge.

The application fee is payable for a technical variation. You can find these on our Apply for a water abstraction or impoundment licence page. How to pay the application fee is explained in the application form guidance note.

Advertising charge

If you are technically varying your licence, your application may need to be advertised. We will ask you to pay a £100 administration fee and the cost of the advertisement, if needed.

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