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The resources on this webpage will support your learners to investigate the causes and understand the impacts that wildfires have on the environment, wildlife, communities, and the local economy.

Our wildfire activities and resources will support your learners to become ethical, informed citizens and healthy, confident individuals who are ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society.

All the activities and games on this page will help you enable your learners to progress in the ways described in the four purposes of the Curriculum for Wales. Curriculum links are included in the documents and all the activities will help you deliver many aspects of the cross curricular Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF) and Digital Competence Framework (DCF).

What is fire?

Our information note explains what fire is, how the characteristics of fuel can affect the behaviour and pattern of a fire and examines how humans have used fire over time.

Information note – Fire

What is wildfire?

Did you know there are different types of wildfire?  This information note examines how wildfires start, their impact on the natural environment, property, and human life and how they are controlled and managed.

Information note – Wildfires

Bright sparks!

Focusing on the historical use of fire and the impacts of wildfire on humans and the environment, this activity can be run as a knockout ‘true or false’ quiz game, in pairs to check knowledge and understanding or as an opinion line.

Activity plan – Bright sparks

Statement and answer sheet – Bright sparks

Resource cards – Bright sparks

Hot topics – Sparking a news story

This activity focuses on how wildfire can impact both our lives and the natural environment and examines how it’s covered by the media.  Learners take part in a role play activity, examining and debating local and global wildfire headlines.

Activity plan – Hot topics – Sparking a news story

Resource cards – Hot topics - Sparking a news story

The 3 C’s of wildfire 

A group challenge that explores the causes and consequences of wildfires and how we can combat the impacts on human health and the environment.

Activity plan – 3 C’s of wildfire

Resource cards – 3C’s of wildfire

Impacts of wildfire

Scenario – A wildfire has raged through the local area.  This activity allows learners to explore the immediate and ongoing impacts of wildfire on the local community.

Activity plan – Impacts of wildfire

Resource cards – Impacts

Wildfire evacuation plan

What actions would your learners take to escape from a wildfire? Using a wildfire disaster scenario, get your learners to create their own bespoke evacuation plan to help keep themselves and others safe in the event of a wildfire.

Activity plan – Wildfire evacuation plan

Wildfire escape!

This activity will encourage learners to work as a team, problem solve and think critically to guide ‘creatures’ through a habitat that is under threat from wildfire.

Activity plan – Wildfire escape

Feelings on Fire

This activity plan focuses on the emotional impact felt by members of a community during and after a wildfire event.  Learners will explore their own feelings on this issue and empathise with other individuals and groups within the local community.

Activity plan – Feelings on fire

Resource cards – Feelings on fire

Catch a Firestarter 

Let your learners take on the role of a wildfire investigator and see if they can follow the clues to work out who done it!  This activity examines why wildfires are deliberately started and examines the consequences to individuals, communities, and the natural environment.

Information note - Investigating the causes of wildfire

Activity plan – Catch a Firestarter

Resource cards - Scenario - Catch a wildfire setter

Resource cards - Who’s who

The Countryside code

We all have a responsibility to protect our countryside and open spaces for current and future generations.  Follow this advice from the Countryside Code to prevent starting wildfires.

Film clip - Be careful with BBQs, fires and cigarettes

Further information is available on the Countryside code family webpage.

Are you looking for resources on safely making campfires and using tools with learners?

Check out our webpage for activities and resources which support the safe teaching of tool use and the lighting, managing, and extinguishing of a small campfire.

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